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Contract Case Manager

Texas, USA

Job Type


About the Role

The Case Manager is a vital part of the interdisciplinary team (IDT) that helps create an individual led plan. As the Case Manager, this person is the facilitator of IDT meetings to ensure that all needs, wants, and desires are addressed by the team.

The Case Manager works with the Area Director to build relationships with individuals, customers and other constituents in an effort to provide the best service possible.

Essential Functions:

• Facilitate or assist in facilitation in meetings with customers and their constituents.
• Distributes and communicates pertinent information to all team members.
• Maintains an efficient and accurate system for tracking and ensuring accurate documentation. Documentation is completed following established BCM guidelines and submitted within the established time frames.
• Follows BCM standards for IDT preparation, completion and follow-up to ensure proper planning and documentation of discussion and plan.
• Develops training curriculum and provides Pre-Service Training of all new support staff on participant's specific needs, quarterly in service training and other training as identified.
• Participates as needed as an active member of each person's Interdisciplinary Team for the development of the Individual Support Plan.
• Submits required written reports to Area Director within established BCM standards and time frames.
• Evaluates the residential needs and the quality of care offered by established contracts through virtual visits and/or surveys with individuals, families/legal representatives and employees.
• Monitors and ensures that personal, health and medical needs of individuals are reviewed with their team and appropriate outcomes are in any plan created.
• Ensures that the Individual Service Plan Objectives for each participant is monitored to ensure consistent service delivery.

Non-Essential Functions:

• Performs other duties as requested by the Area Director.
• Assists the Area Director and attends meetings, as requested or assigned.

Knowledge and Skills:

• Must be able to perform duties under pressure of deadlines and handle multiple projects
• Ability to guide teams through crisis situations
• Strong leadership skills
• Excellent oral and written communication skills
• Ability to effectively and professionally communicate with program participants, other agencies, staff and members of the community
• Ability to present ideas and factual data in a clear concise manner
• Ability to exercise professional judgement and common sense on a daily basis
• Ability to work creatively within the organization structure and as a team member with other in the agency and the community
• Strong ability in use of computer software / hardware including but not limited to, use in setting up computer, web cams, Microsoft software, zoom, google hangouts, etc.


Educational and Work Experience

  • ·Bachelor’s degree from an accredited University and / or;

  • ·High School Diploma or successful completion of GED certification, plus four years full-time work experience in social, behavioral, human services or related work.

Required Licenses and/or Certificates

  • ·Completion of BCM Case Management certification – within first 30 days of contract.

Required Conditions of Contract:

  • A location to work that includes privacy to ensure best practices are followed.  This space must offer a background to accommodate video calls in a professional manner and have the ability to control distractions.

  • ·A Computer with ability to utilize current google chrome software, webcam, microphone and speakers and / or tablet, phone with software that can provide the same service as the computer.

  • ·An Internet connection with a minimum download and upload speed to provide an adequate webcam call for virtual meetings.

About the Company

Developed as a support to Individuals with disabilities, their families, advocates, providers and Direct Support Professionals, BCM follows a set of driving principles.  Respect, Stewardship and Communication.  Through this guiding lens, BCM provides its services to others.

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