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My Name is Caleb Weston, I am the CEO and founder of Better Case Manager.  

I look forward to working with you!

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My Story

Caleb Weston is the founder and CEO of Better Case Manager, LLC (BCM.)  Caleb manages all functions of Better Case Manager including the Academy, Case Management Services and Consulting.  Caleb founded BCM with the goal of helping directors and other administration of IDD (Intellectual and Developmental Disability) companies. Caleb’s focus has always been to serve and to create programs that provide the best possible services to help individuals live their lives on their terms.

Prior to BCM, Caleb worked for 20 years in the IDD field in various roles. Starting as a Direct Support Professional, Caleb learned the importance of a quality program from the ground up as being a key to quality supports.  Caleb was highlighted by several of his employers as an up-and-coming leader within the field often being recognized for building quality programs, high growth and systems that could be replicated on an organization wide basis.

Outside of BCM, Caleb is also an independent life and health insurance agent within the states of Texas and New Mexico.  Caleb also currently serves as the Vice President of the Board with Empower Camps of Texas; he has served on the board since February 2022. 

Caleb earned a bachelor’s degree in business communications from York College in York Nebraska.


Caleb is the father of three children to whom he is completely dedicated to.  Caleb also enjoys working on older cars, anything to do with baseball, and camping. 


Caleb also has a love for running and invites anyone out for a fun run if you’re in the Lubbock area!!   


If I can help in anyway with BCM, Insurance or even just to chat.  Let me know!

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